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more from the school of ripping off bandages

Note found in coat pocket, copied from an email list on which one lurks

If two worlds can realign
their axes and become one world
with all that's true in each; if two
bodies can have in common one
space, moment and velocity;
four eyes can share one point of view:
there's hope that you and I once shared
one world, one life, one vision, still
existing, waiting to be taken up
again, for one of us to speak
the word. That as each was and thought
we each one saw and were, in truth,
together. But to speak that word,
to force the crisis, might reveal
the intersection of our lives
as empty, null. Catastrophe:
if, worse, the attempt to reconcile
our selves made each implode. If we
were anti-worlds, as may be true --
you know what I do not, don't know
what I know well -- there must remain
that boundary that divides us. And
we remain still separate, without
hope of union, and alone.

--Janice Miller
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