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ooc: a biography

Name: William Boyd
Nicknames: Billy, Bill
Date of Birth: 28 August
Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Hair color: Reddish blond
Hair style: untidy, too long over collar
Eye color: green
Glasses/contacts?: glasses occasionally, contacts experimentations a nightmare
Skin tone: pale, reddens/burns easily
Make-up: absolutely not
Height: 5'6"
Build: slight

Special physical characteristics:
General health: very good
Specific health problems: none that he is yet aware of
First thing you notice: eyes
What does character consider his/her best physical characteristic?: he doesn't.
Worst characteristic?: losing his hair, which, well. What can be done?

Favorite colour: the blue in the Scottish flag. He's been told there's an actual Pantone number registered to that blue, and it's on his list of things to do to find it out. ETA: It's Pantone 300. Thank you, Kathryn.
Favorite foods: italian and thai
Drinks: Macallan and any stout. Not ... together, though.
Clothing: most comfortable in a pair of old trousers and a button down shirt
Favourite article of clothing: blue and grey plaid boxers and a faded black button down shirt. Not ... together, though.
Smoker?: only under severe stress. Was much worse in college. Rolled his own.
Lives (e.g., apt. house): Owns single story house off the Baskerville campus. One bedroom, one bath, good sized kitchen, cozy front room with fireplace and room for his father's desk, brought down from Margaret's house in Glasgow after Billy found this place.

Married/single?: single
Previous marriage?: no
Straight/gay/bi: gay. Bi from about age 17 to 25.
Previous romantic/sexual relationships: nothing serious, as he hasn't had the time or the emotional investment. Series of disasters in his twenties.
Other family: see below

Parents: deceased
Siblings: one older sister, Margaret

Religious upbringing: Scottish Protestant, but never forced to attend church.
Present religious practice: no longer a believer in much of anything
Education: PhD in philosophy (University of St. Andrews), M. Litt Diploma in Mind and Knowledge [Philosophy] and Education (University of Stirling), BA in history and philosophy (University of Glasgow)
Income: good. Spends money on food and music and travel, and little else.
Future hopes/plans: Immediate—to publish his treatise on British academic philosophy, take Dominic back to Paris, see Dominic graduate, travel. Eventual—live and die in Paris, leave Dominic with a secure enough future.
Fears: the future, loss of his eyesight, loss of Dominic
Worst problem: can be an awful drinker. Has absolutely vicious temper.
Special gifts or talents: Erudite when he has to be, good singer, plays the guitar
Bad traits: Temper, jealousy, inability to think too far ahead
Acknowledged?: oh, yes
Good traits: for the most part an honourable man.
Acknowledged?: yes

Myers–Briggs results an INFP: Introverted/Intuitive/Feeling/Perceiving ("Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.)


Specialized research includes: Kant & Selective Virtue (“Higher Ground and Lowered Expectations: Philosophy and Modern Ecumenical Academia,” published 1999; “The Human Morality Play,” published 2001); and Education and Philosophical Polarization (“Given Half a Chance: Belief in the Modern Student’s Mind,” work in progress).
Teaching Experience
—University of Strathclyde in Glasgow (adjunct professor)
—University of St. Andrews (adjunct professor)
—University of Sydenhurst (tenure professor since 2001)

Member, Scots Philosophical Club (University of Stirling). Francis Hutcheson Fellow, University of St. Andrews (2000)

Current instructor of:
—PHIL 221 (Kant and His Contemporaries)
—PHIL 367 (Philosophy and Ethics in the Classroom)
—PHIL 421 (Senior Seminar)

Office: 804 Flynn Hall (Humanities main building)
Teaching assistants: n/a
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